Recent Works

Alternative Facts

Chiffon, satin, interfacing, digital printing.

“Alternative facts" far predate Kellyanne Conway; they are woven into the fabric of the American identity. To truly understand current events and see past the simplified mainstream narrative takes a wealth of historical knowledge and differing perspectives. While the internet allows access to this, information oversaturation often acts as a barrier. With the looming potential abandonment of net neutrality, we may find ourselves racing against the clock to glean the information neccescary to fight current and future atrocities.

See Me

Canvas, lace, dowel bar, acrylic paint

Love is being seen despite what borders, categorizations, or obfuscations - be they externally defined by institutions or self imposed - obscure the reality of our truest selves. 

Fabric, dowel bar, flag mount, metallic thread

Created for an auction benefitting undocumented peoples’ legal fees for gaining American citizenship, I hoped to illicit subconscious empathy in the viewer for people who feel alienated by the dual forces of domestic policing and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

Location Services, Unmanned I, and You are Here

Fabric collage, embroidery, and found objects

The concept of celebrity as the new American Dream in the age of reality tv has garnered a false sense of self-determination and activated us to surveil ourselves. We believe that since we are able to act as the tabloidist and papparazi, we can formulate the illusion [or at times delusion] that people are watching and that they care. How very odd is it that despite the invasive truth of the NSA monitoring our communication, Google working with our government, we show more outrage at algorithm-based feeds than our police forces purchasing software which can garner live data on where we are and what we're doing.